Pewdiepie and Racism Discussion

Pewdiepie Editorial

Now that I’m home, and everyone has weighed in on Pewdiepie, it’s my turn! Though I really. . . didn’t want to talk about this. But it keeps popping up unwarranted in my head, and I’ve seen other peoples’ thoughts on it. And since many folks know that I’m Jewish, you might assume that I’m going to say “I hate Pewdiepie” or something dreadful. I was going to make a super clickbait title though, and use that. I don’t hate people though. I’m disappointed, though. Disgusted even. But I’m going to be serious and I’ve had plenty of time to really think about how I feel. For those of you that don’t know, Pewdiepie is fond of edgy jokes/spots in his videos. From what I understand, this isn’t the first video he’s used anti-Semitic humor in, either. I personally don’t watch his content, because I don’t think he’s funny in the first place. Sure, 50+ million people think he is, and there’s where I think the problem lies. Basically, the story goes, that he hired two guys to hold up a sign that says, “All Jews must die”, and expected it somehow to be funny. When Stormfront calls themselves your number one fan, you have to really think about where your life is going. He’s used a lot of crude, insensitive, and vile humor in his videos, and a lot of people on the Internet are calling it sensitive, or sad that people are upset, offended. Youtube cancelled his show, where they try to scare him. Because Pewdiepie howling in horror is funny, I guess. Disney dropped him too. Monetarily speaking, this won’t harm Pewdiepie at all! He has made so much damn money from Youtube, that he will probably not even notice.

Stormfront is a white-supremacist/anti-semitic website; if you don’t know what it is or where it is, I’m not going to link it to you. You have Google. They claimed on their site that Pewdiepie is “making people comfortable with their ideals”, which is to say, a world without Jews, a pure, white world. That’s a horrifying ideal! And while he has the money to basically do whatever he wants now, Youtube’s not cancelling/banning his account. He makes them far too much money for that. But where’s my issue, maybe you ask. Here it is: Pewdiepie has 53 million followers. Fifty. Three. Million. And when he’s making “jokes” about Hitler doing nothing wrong, All Jews must die, and whatever other horrid things, he calls them jokes. They’re not serious. He doesn’t mean it. But. . .there are a horde of impressionable young fans who watch his work, and believe in him, who love him! They see that he posts hateful stuff about Jews, and there’s going to be someone who takes it to heart. Stormfront did. People use media as an excuse to condone their hateful urges all the time, that’s not new! The Columbine shooters blamed/thanked Marilyn Manson, who never condoned that kind of behavior. Now, I don’t hate Pewdiepie. I’m not going to say “Don’t ever watch his stuff”, because I’m just a drop in the bucket.

I didn’t think he was funny far before this. It’s not a matter of “toughen up, buttercup”, and “he doesn’t mean it”, because who cares if he means it? He has a global audience who take what he does very seriously and hang on his every word! As content creators, we have a responsibility to the people who watch our work. Millions of people saw these before they were taken down. Tens of millions. Sure, he made apology videos, but noone sees those. A game reviewer shits all over a game without giving it the due attention he should have. People all read that article. They see the game is shit, according to someone they trust, they don’t buy it. That reviewer prints a redaction, an apology. Anyone care? No, they’ve already made their mind up! Again, I don’t hate Pewdiepie. Please don’t take that away from this. I just wish that for someone that has such a massive audience, he’d so something better with it than have someone dress up as Jesus and say, “Hitler did nothing wrong”. That’s all. I have tons of friends who love Pewdiepie. I don’t think they’re hate mongers, and I’m not so sure that I think Pewdiepie is either. I just think he’s insensitive to the world around him.

Uncle Ben said it best, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”


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  • Herschel Pilcher III

    Too many times people have gone for ‘edgy’ and ‘dark humor’ and missed the mark. Being an edgelord doesn’t make you cool, or special. It makes you a walking Linkin Park song. And no one needs to be that.

    This man (who has never, and will never gotten attention from me because he’s irrelevant to my life) has a responsibility to his 50 million followers to present content that doesn’t make him a monster for the sake of ‘komedy’ ESPECIALLY if you are spouting genocidal nonsense that YOU DON’T EVEN FUCKING BELIEVE IN! That means that deep down, you knew EXACTLY what you were doing, you knew EXACTLY what sort of people you were appealing to, and you’re only concern was “Hey.. 10 more followers. And such clean white hoods.”

    When money trumps decency and humanity (A two-for-one there) you money should be taken away from you. Because animals have no need for cash.. and if you are supporting and spouting off about this shit.. you are not human.

  • Tom

    Only thread I see on Stormfront is them calling him a fa**ot.
    I googled your quote, did not return any hits. I believe you are lying.