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Okay, so I still haven’t beaten Pokemon Moon. I know a lot of people who have though, and have been farming the final matches to get money/exp. I however, have not done this. It’s not because I had to review Final Fantasy XV, or Sword Art Online. But I do want to say, before I start complaining, I love the Alola Region. There are some tremendous revisions of classic Pokemon, and it makes sense to have new forms, in different climates. The characters are engaging and friendly, it’s fascinating to not be the “main character”, but the “rival”, which I’ll probably get to later on in this, the change to how Gyms are presented is wonderful. Tis a very innovative game, but I do have a couple of gripes that have really slowed down my progress to an absolute crawl. It’s not that I dislike the game as a whole, or that I’m busy [though I am], but there are things that make me just shut the game off and heave a deep, despairing sigh.

The biggest, most frustrating part about me makes sense about the game. The wild battles! Just about every random encounter can have a Pokemon that calls for help. That new one can also call for help a little later into the battle. This can lead to [if you don’t have something they’re weak versus] a very. . .very long battle. My longest battle versus Zubats hovers at slightly over thirty minutes and that is not hyperbole. This is a fact. I tend to only play my mobile games these days at the end of the day, when I’m lying in bed, watching Netflix or Hulu or Funimation or whatever. So I want to lay there in bed and explore the world. Instead I spend twenty goddamn minutes fighting something in the wild because they called nine buddies over the course of the fight. Why? I get that it makes sense that this is a friendly region, where things and people help each other. But there should be some kind of limit. Sure, you can farm EVs that way. But you can’t grab a Pokemon if there’s more than one, so you have to hope, and pray, that they do not summon more friends and you don’t accidentally murder the shiny you want. I’ve still never caught a shiny. . .

The other thing I dislike, but I don’t hate, is all the damn cutscenes. So. Effing. Many. Cutscenes. They take up so much time, and I get it. This is a technologically superior game, and they want to show off how pretty it is. But they could do it a little less. We already know it’s great. You don’t have to rub our noses in it like a dog who has had a poo on the brand new carpet. I do like the Team Skull antics though. Breakdancing weirdos who are just assholes, less trying to take over the world. More. . . just greedy dicks. I can be on board with that. But there are tons of things I love about this game! Don’t take it as “Oh, he’s just an old man being butthurt about change”, because while that’s partially true, it’s just very offputting for the limited amount of free time I happen to have. I don’t have time for half hour battles, because if I did, I’d probably play League.

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    Pokemon inflicted by status ailments cannot call for help. Problem solved.