Politics in Business Discussion

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I make it a personal rule to not talk about politics on social media or in anything involving business. Why, you might ask? Because it’s really nobodies business first off, and secondly, it could negatively impact my personal/business life and I don’t want that. If I support X candidate openly and they aren’t popular, an employer down the line could think poorly of me because of that. It’s petty, but it’s real. But where am I going with this? Palmer Luckey, Inventor of the Oculus Rift and original Founder of Oculus VR has gone on record on Facebook [which owns Oculus, by the by]  that he donated 10,000 dollars to Nimble America. Now, the next question is “What is Nimble America?” They’re basically a shitposting group. Shitposting is a slang term for spamming, poor behavior, and general douchery. Going out of their way to say offensive things or awful things in hopes to catch attention or simply to be a jerk.


People say that he went on Reddit as “NimbleRichMan” and said some very unflattering things. The word going around is that  Luckey is basically the VP of a hateful, racist, pro-Trump group. There have been a host of game developers now pulling out of Oculus support because of this PR backlash. While he’s absolutely free to say whatever he likes and do what he likes as long as it’s legal and above board, what we say and do as business professionals can negatively impact our sales and business as you can quite clearly see. There’s nothing wrong with speaking your mind or backing your political beliefs. Even hate speech is protected. Oculus CEO Brendan Irbe has gone on record to state his employees are absolutely allowed to speak their political minds without fear of reprisal. Luckey was not representing his company when he took to the net to support his candidate of choice, but it did do potentially irreparable damage to Oculus VR anyway. I’m absolutely on board for people to support whomever they please as long as they remember not everyone will agree and there are consequences for the things we say and do.

What do you think about politics in business? Yes? No? Should it matter? Should we all lighten up?

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