SMITE Tactics Impressions

SMITE Relic Thorns

It’s interesting to see how far my opinion of SMITE has come and how much my thoughts have  changed over two years. I went from “Ugh, this game is not League and I don’t have fun” to “Let me try this out for realsies this time. . .” to “Man, I love this enough to stream it most of the week!”  I love mythology, I enjoy MOBAs, and all in all, I’ve really come to love SMITE. So when I heard they were making a new game, I couldn’t help but be curious. I didn’t have to wait long! SMITE Tactics is the answer to people like me who prefer 1v1 turn-based tactics style games. Not to mention they announced to us that it’d be a new “SMITE” game, and I could not even imagine what it could be! Though the hints on Twitter made me think board game/strategy game. . .I love this idea more than I can even put into words. But I will continue to try!


Players will choose where minions will go on the map, and what God will lead them. It’s a 1v1 game that will have a competitive vs. mode, and not to mention several “Vs. AI” adventures, where you are pitted against a variety of Gods, likely that make sense together. I cannot possibly love this idea enough. There’s another very interesting thing going on here. SMITE Tactics runs on Unreal 4. SMITE runs on an inferior Unreal 3 Modded. Could it be? We’re going to get a visual rework out of this to boot? Could we get a cool new competitive game and a visual update to an already visually appealing game? Their skins already look phenomenal. Imagine what they could do in Unreal 4! This last bit is just a theory, but I certainly think it’s feasible. You should go sign up for the beta here! SMITE Tactics is a bold new idea from the HiRez camp and I absolutely cannot wait until it is in my hands so I can get my strategy on.

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