StarCraft Universe Game on Kickstarter

New Content Revealed for Blizzard Games at Gamescom 2015 Starcraft II

Remember back in Warcraft 2/3, and there were optional stages you could play, not tied to the main game? Well they were more prevalent in Warcraft 3, when we got what would become Dota/Dota 2. RPGs and survival stages created by players using the tools in-game. These were amazing and brought people together to play Warcraft in ways they normally never could. Now, we have another one, in StarCraft’s “StarCraft Universe”.  It’s funded on Kickstarter and now it’s on IndieGogo and the Open Beta for it is on right now! All you need is the “StarCraft 2: Starter Edition” and you can find this on! What do I think though? Now, I know developing something like this, getting voice actors, music scored, getting the storyline together and so much more, that’s expensive. The Kickstarter was successful, but the IndieGogo is for post-release production. They can’t make money off of this, but it does cost time and money to develop. So I get that.

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void screenshot

But back in the days of ancient technology, people didn’t get paid to make these mods. They just did it, and people enjoyed them. Maybe they got tipped through some kind of online banking thing, but that was it. I often wondered if any of those guys who made amazing Warcraft RPGs ever got hired. Occasionally Skyrim modders got hired I believe. This is absolutely legal, and these guys have been modding Blizzard stuff for quite a while. I did want to draw eyes to it, because it does look gorgeous and looks like it will be quite the fun RPG! And I do love free, I won’t lie. The payment tiers look absolutely ridiculous though. 1000 bucks for some in-game items that you will probably be able to get yourself? Except maybe the pets and vehicles, maybe those will be unique. But you’re spending hundreds of dollars to get through the game faster? Seems to defeat the purpose. But I’m not going to tell you to do it or not! But I will say it looks interesting, and if you want to peek at it, you can do so here!

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