Fun Games Teased at Tokyo Game Show Discussion

World of Final Fantasy TGS2016 Trailer

Tokyo Game Show is one of the absolute biggest game expos in the entire world. They do things just a little differently though: There are press days, where just press can go in and do their business, and over the weekend, the regular folks get to go. I think that’s kind of an interesting idea, but part of going to an expo or convention as press is hanging out with all the people just glad to be there, all the cosplayers, taking a break from meetings and learning new stuff by hanging out with people that love the same thing you do: Video games! But there’s a sincere drawback to Tokyo Game Show that I feel like we all know, but I’m going to bring up anyway: We get maybe a tenth of the amazing content that they show off there. We’ve been posting tons of trailers and teasers from TGS that we saw over on YouTube all week, and there are a couple I’m quite excited for. Games like:

  • Final Fantasy XV: Is this even a question? Everyone knows I’m excited for this. I don’t care if the trailer was all in Japanese, no English subtitles. I don’t even care. Not even a bit. It’s gorgeous, it plays well, everything about it has made me happy so far. It’s imperative that it does well and I have no fear that it will blow up.
  • Musou Stars: I love the Dynasty Warriors/Musou franchise. This one is pretty special, since it’s a pile of the famous Tecmo-Koei characters like Ryu from Ninja Gaiden. They still kick the crap out of a horde of enemies, but it’s not based on historical-fiction [though I do believe some Dynasty/Samurai characters will be there] but I love it. I fear we won’t get this one. But I hope. . .
  • Nioh: Goodness. I was never into the Souls/Bloodborne style of game, but this might be the one to hook me. A badass samurai, creepy/evil Yokai/Demons. . . I just need the right story to get me into the game, and I think this might be the one. I don’t have a lot to say other than that the mechanics of the game are incredibly challenging from what I played. This isn’t in my ohmygodImustbuythis but the It looks really fun and frustrating.
  • World of Final Fantasy: I thought this was going to be stupid. I love Final Fantasy, but I was convinced it was just going to be some stupid cash grab. But oh my lord, it’s so adorable, and I found myself quickly loving the chibi-style FF characters. And seeing the chibi Myst Dragon made me so sad! It’s got an original story and it’s a blend of Final Fantasy characters. It should be fun! I know I complain about Kingdom Hearts having Disney characters and FF characters and throwing them together. . . But this is just Final Fantasy so it’s different. Honest.

Nioh Video Thumbnail

Those are the top things I’m excited for though! Have you guys been keeping up? If not, shame on you! Second, get out there and watch some videos and come back, let me know what you think is going to be great! Stuff we won’t see, stuff we will? I wanna know! Also shoutout to my good friend Kayla and her husband Sho, who are going to be there this weekend! I just want you to know I’m stupid jealous, and I’ll be there next year, hook or crook.

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  • Endathel

    I’m excited for all that, I think the dynasty Game will come out, all the others do, minus the romance saga

    • Ragachak

      I just wonder if it’ll come out or not because I am willing to bet a fair amount of the cast won’t be familiar. I don’t know the whole cast yet though.