Let’s Talk: WoW Legion Pre-Launch

WoW - Demon Invasion

The other day, I streamed the Demon Hunter starting area or rather, most of it right here. I enjoyed the pacing, how they introduced abilities, showed the Demon Hunter lore. I got to hang out with folks like Altruis the Sufferer [which is a really cool name when you get down to it. #teamaltruis]. It was a good pace to show what the Demon Hunters can do, and how fun double jump+glide is. Because it is, and I won’t apologize. However, it’s not all greenfire and rainbows in the WoW Legion Pre-Launch event. I have a few complaints. The first one is a fundamental complaint. I play on a PVP server, to play with friends. I understand that Blizzard’s stance is “You knew what you were getting into. Don’t want to be there? Pay up to transfer, bitch!” and that’s fine. Wait, no. That’s not fine! So many games have better uses of PVP. Like SWTOR for example, where you can toggle it, enter a different instance for PVP, so the rest of the community can be at peace. Why does that matter?

WoW - Demon Invasion 2

The point of the game right now is to band together to fight the Burning Legion. To do battle with the endless hordes of demons plaguing Azeroth once again. How can we do that if we have to fight them in places like Gadgetzan, where huge demons stand on top of important vendors and spam kill players? Or when you’re trying to fight a Demon Lord for an objective, but the other faction is mercilessly killing you just because you’re there. LOOKIT ME, I’M DOING THE PVP! I KNOW THIS IS A PVE OBJECTIVE BUT THIS IS WHAT WE DO HERE HURR. And I’m not knocking PVP. I love it. But that’s not what the point of these objectives are. I think it’s a very backwards way to think. The only other major complaint I have is: YOU ARE NOT PREPARED! Why did you beat this into the ground!? It’s even in a Talent! “Prepared”.  “You are not prepared!” “You are now prepared!” Come on guys. You’re better writers than this. I was expecting more. So much more. . .But thoughts so far are still positive. Lots of very strong things going on, especially the Transmog Tab. My rare tabards from the card game are now in my possession again! Huzzah!

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  • Eric Marsh

    YOU ARE NOT PREPARED! Here, hop in this cauldron called “World PvP” where I can add all the necessary seasonings like “git gud”, “PvP happened on a PvP server”, and “lol gg nub”. THEN YOU WILL BE PREPARED!

    #WorldPvPNeedsToBeMeaningful #notLikeThis

  • Endathel