World of Warcraft Patch 7.1 Discussion

ONe Night in Karazhan

World of Warcraft’s Patch 7.1 is called “Return to Karazhan”.  When I heard this, I wasn’t really too surprised when I looked at how much Blizzard was hyping “One Night in Karazhan” which frankly, sounds like a 3D modeling porno that you might find somewhere in the seedier parts of the Internet. [Looking at you, Overwatch.] So, Return to Karazhan. I’ve really been thinking about this all morning, and a fair amount of yesterday evening. At first, I was really excited! Before I had really read the details, my mind swam with curious notions! Were we going to see more of Karazhan? After all, Medivh was insanely powerful, and there is no doubt a whole world of magical craziness going on there. I remembered hearing a few expansions ago there that there was some manner of “Upside Down” Karazhan, but that might have been a rumor. You know, underneath it, a’la Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. THIS. I wanted this. I wanted to run a raid in the underside of Kara, and do ridiculous things and see the Legion try to burst through one of the most magic-infused spots on Azeroth. But what do we get?


It’s Karazhan for five-man groups! Same 9 boss encounters, but there will be other content coming in this patch! Sure! Why not? My next thought was “Why not new boss encounters? The only entity in the tower is basically Moroes, the Butler.” Unless you count the statue, or the Chess Event. Will there be new Opera encounters? I hope so. I’m not holding my breath, but I need to know more. I loved Kara, don’t get me wrong. Medivh is one of my favorite lore characters, so I hope there are at least some new or interesting things coming out of it. But when I heard it’s just a five man dungeon, I was hurt, let down. I don’t want ZG 5-Man all over again. At least regular Kara will still be there, so I can go in with all of my 100s every week for a mount that’s never gonna drop. [At least it’s the first boss!]  The end of the day is that I loved Karazhan. It was an interesting raid. But I’m not so disaffected that I’m going to bitch and whine about “recycled content”, because I’m still a fan of old things. I suppose I was hoping for something more, since there’s so much possibility with the pure magic that is Karazhan. I’m torn! I want to be mad, but I want to be happy! I’m going to keep my eyes on the dungeon and maybe we’ll learn something more soon enough.

Are you excited for Karazhan? Legion? I know some of you aren’t, because Blizzard has let some of us down more than once. But I’m maintaining moderate-to-strong levels of hype.

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