LGP Online: Tribal War System is released!

Are you bored with the everyday tribal quests? Do you fancy PvP combats? It’s time to try the Tribal War!

On October 16th, we released the long-awaited Tribal Battle system. All tribes in LGP Online can join the war and vie with one another for the control of legendary Sunset City.

Sunset City, locating in the depths of the land of LGP Online, has been a crucial strategic point since ancient times. Every week, elites of all tribes will gather here fighting for the leadership of the town. The tribe who successfully wipes out all players of other tribes inside Sunset Palace (a building in Sunset City) will be able to occupy Sunset City.

The winners of tribal battle will be rewarded with a large amount of EXP, some precious items, and what’s more, 5% EXP bonus for training. 5% of NPCs’ revenues will go to the fund of the winning tribe as well.

Don’t hesitate anymore. Burn your passion in tribal battle!

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