Lime Odyssey Discusses Professions

Lime Odyssey Discusses Professions



Aeria Games released new details about the three profession-based classes available for characters in Lime Odyssey: The Chronicles of Orta, its upcoming 3D MMORPG. One of Lime Odyssey’s most unique and well-developed features is a system in which players not only put long hours into mastering their battle-themed roll, but also into mastering a crafting profession.


In Lime Odyssey, players assign a race, battle-themed class, and domestic profession to their new character. Available professions are the handy Chef, skilled Tailor and rugged Blacksmith. Once in-game, players can switch between their character’s battle class and profession at any time with the push of a button. Both the battle and professional traits are equally important to a character’s survival as they journey across the magical continent of Orta in search of Lime.



Any race can adopt one of these professions in Lime Odyssey: The Chronicles of Orta:


  • Blacksmith – Gather metal, ore and wood extracts as you travel. Learn to forge armor and powerful weaponry for you and your friends.
  • Chef – Search the land for various fruits, berries, meats and other ingredients. Cook up potions and meals to strengthen and heal your party.
  • Tailor – Stitch together leather and cloth armors for the less hearty races from animal furs and other materials you find in Orta.



Gather the required materials then switch to your profession class. Your character will whip out a set of trade-specific tools and begin crafting before your eyes! Obtain hundreds of profession-themed quests, ranging from simple tasks to complex assignments. Each profession’s end product becomes either a helpful tool or a viable commodity for trade.



Also for those wondering, Aeria believes their game will be Alpha test ready before December. Don’t get your hopes up too high but the possibility exists! Until then check out the new set of screenshots showcasing the Professions.

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