Lineage II The Chaotic Throne: Gracia Final

Dev Diary # 2: Changes to Combat with Gracia Final
Written by: The Lineage II NCsoft West Team
Changes to Combat with Gracia Final
The Lineage II Gracia Final expansion has added some exciting new content in regards to combat. Along with the brand new continent a new aerial PvP combat arena has been added and there have also been some fantastic additions to the Olympiad tournament that incorporates three versus three competition!
The Aerial Cleft takes PvP to the skies of the Gracia continent.
Participation in this aerial PvP is exclusively for players who are on the Gracia continent and who register in the Aerial Cleft region. Once registered, two randomly assembled teams are thrust into an exciting twenty-five minute battle. During that time players will need to master their fear, flying prowess and new aerial skills to win. Not only is brute force required to be victorious, but you’ll have to work together with your new found teammates in order to successfully shatter the crystal cores and score points for your team. At the end of the twenty-five minutes the team with the most points wins. To the victors go valuable Emery pieces which can be used in concert with Star Stone pieces that winners can harvest after the match to create attribute crystals. The meek will not survive in this arena and the strong will continue to fight for the Cleft’s riches.
To accompany the aerial combat of the Cleft, there has also been a unique change to the existing Olympiad. You and two other companions can now form a three player group and compete in a no holds barred no class restrictions PvP competition! This competition pits six potential heroes against one another in a three versus three Olympiad, but it’s up to you to find the deadly combination of strategy and skill with your partners in order to be victorious. However, choose your companions wisely, as their point totals will be added to yours, so their failure is your loss. On the other hand, if you and your teammates triumph, your team will receive the spoils of the Olympiad tournament and collect Olympiad tokens. Use these tokens, now the prizes for all Olympiad victors, to purchase a variety of new rewards!
From expanding a time honored classic PvP tournament such as the Olympiad, to adding the Aerial Cleft arena for aerial PvP combat, the new Gracia Final expansion for Lineage II offers multiple new ways for players to compete with one another and experience the thrill of PvP.
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