Lineage II The Chaotic Throne: Gracia Final

Dev Diary # 3: Clan Updates in Gracia Final
Written by: The Lineage II NCsoft West Team
Clan Updates in Gracia Final
The Gracia Final expansion includes several benefits for Clans in Lineage II.  The clan level cap has been raised to eleven, and provides several key bonuses for clans who can achieve this feat.  Additionally, clans who meet the prerequisites can now control their own airships and can have direct access to the Gracia continent.
Clan leaders who own a castle have the ability to expand ownership to an entire territory. Through territory ownership, clans now have the ability to raise their level to eleven. Some of the benefits afforded to those attain this accomplishment include an increase in clan members, strengthening of the Royal Guard, and earning valuable clan skills. 
But if leveling your clan is not enough, Gracia Final has also introduced the Rim Pailaka Rune dungeon. For castle and fortress owning clans, this new instant zone will offer a new and exclusive area to explore and master, making residence ownership even more vital to your clan’s success.
Another exciting feature in Gracia Final is the addition of clan airships. Clans above level five will have the ability to obtain their own airship. No longer will you have to wait for those public transportation airships to ferry you around Gracia. Take command of your own vessel and pilot an airship so you and others can explore the skies of the Gracia continent!
From a new clan level cap with unique features, to taking the helm of a clan airship to explore Gracia first hand, the Gracia Final expansion offers its players a memorable Lineage II experience that will enhance their game play and enjoyment.
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