Lineage II The Chaotic Throne: Gracia Final

Dev Diary # 4: Territory Nattles in Gracia Final
Written by: The Lineage II NCsoft West Team
Territory Battles in Gracia: Final
Experience battles on an epic scale. With the release of Gracia Final comes the introduction of Territory Battles, where any player, even those not belonging to a clan, can participate in an epic scaled war.  Territory Battles not only pit clan against clan, and territory against territory, but they also introduce the concept of mercenaries in the largest PvP battles to ever take place in Lineage II.
Clans that possess castles have been given the authority to proclaim a Lord who reigns over an entire territory.  To be deemed worthy of Lord status, you must be of stout mind and body and have completed the appropriate trials and quest.  Once a Lord has been proclaimed, time is of the essence and one should prepare for an attack from other territories.  Clans should actively recruit any able bodied Lineage II player to their aid, since territory wars allow anyone to register and participate as mercenaries.
Once the battle begins, you and your allies must have your wits about you to capture and retrieve the opposing territory wards.  After the opposing team’s ward is safely back at your territory’s castle, you must defend it from any attackers until the end of the territory war.  Beware; mercenaries and siege equipment are very deadly and like you the enemy is trying to take your territory ward and will employ all its might against you.  To the victors go the spoils of war.  Any player from the victorious territory will receive access to merchants that offer extraordinary items for sale, with each territory offering unique items. 
Examples of the items are powerful S grade weapons, armor and A grade accessories.  Clan members for each territory will also receive exclusive territory skills which will increase key characteristics and potentially give them an edge in battle. 
Fighting against friends and foes alike, territory wars are yet another way Lineage II is bringing unique game play on an epic scale to players.  Pick a side and join the fight today!
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