Lineage II The Chaotic Throne: Gracia Final

The Lineage II: Gracia Final expansion introduces a brand new continent, Gracia, and provides captivating PvE, PvP, and small group experiences.  This expansion also has a number of exciting new features, ranging from flight to inventive instances to airborne raid bosses.  Anyway you look at it the Gracia Final expansion offers an invigorating and breathtaking adventure for players.
The Gracia continent is a unique part of this Lineage II expansion.  Part of what makes this land so exceptional is that it allows one to explore the skies with several aerial transformations.  The Aurabird Falcon, Aurabird Owl, and Final Flying Form transformations enable players, who have met the prerequisites, to soar through the skies of Gracia, and experience PvP and PvE like they have never seen before in Lineage II.  Up in the sky await new aerial hunting grounds and monstrous raid bosses that incorporate the flying transformations and truly take Lineage II combat to new heights.
In addition to the continent itself, unexplored hunting grounds have been unveiled.  These zones will test your strategy, strength, and skill while battling for ownership of the Seed of Infinity and the Seed of Destruction.  The seeds are structures of a different world which were summoned by descendants of the Shilen worshippers before they were banished from Gracia.  In order to fight these worshippers, the human race has allied with the Gracia Lord to keep the worshippers from re-entering Gracia and taking control.  Overthrow enemy strongholds, take charge, and then defend strategic points so the enemy will not regain control.   These ongoing and ever-changing wars bring an invigorating breath to the PvE world of Lineage II, by banding all players together to fight for the common goal of victory.  The rewards will justify the battle, but the question is: Are you strong enough to survive?
What Lineage II expansion would be complete without the addition of new raid bosses?  Gracia brings new raid bosses that push players to their strategic edge by melding expert group coordination and efficient individual skill use.  Players are also invited to tempt the air again by engaging flying raid bosses over the Gracia skies.  Warm up your wings, sharpen your swords, and lift off for amazing adventures. To the victor goes the spoils of battle and the thrill of the next challenge. To the defeated, only a shallow grave awaits far below the battleground.
Prepare yourself to take to the air, battle for supremacy over new raid bosses, and join forces with allies against the exiled descendants of Shilen worshippers in the new battle grounds. The Gracia continent in Lineage II awaits the brave and courageous.
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