Looking Good!

“The clothes make the man”, as the saying goes. One’s apparel always plays a very important role in creating a first impression.

World of Kung Fu (WoKF) players can now choose their favorite costume as fits their mood or taste. Varied clothing options, from Mandarin dress to Bikini, from Dragon Armor to Panda Dress are now available. Please visit http://www.worldofkungfu.com/index.cfm?src=&action=fashions to see exclusive screenshots of some of the attractive styles available to World of Kung Fu players. What’s more, when you begin to tire of your clothes, you can change their color with dye powder, available at the item mall.
Don’t worry about how your stylish duds will affect any of your character attributes. The fashion clothing and armor system are two separate and completely different systems – so don’t worry, your fashionable gear won’t affect any player attribute, except perhaps that all important first impression.

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