Lord of the Rings Online: Welcome Back Week

The guys at Codemasters have announced a ‘welcome back week’ for their game Lords Of The Ring Online. Here’s the official announcement:

From 2nd February until 9th February, 2009 we’re inviting all players to come back and play LOTRO. The doors will be open for former players to enter the world of Middle-earth for a week of FREE game play.

If you’ve got a friend who used to play LOTRO and hasn’t logged in for a while then why not let them know about this great week too? Then everyone can take part!

All you have to do is download and patch up to the most recent version and log in starting 2nd February. Your account will already and will have been re-activated ready for you. If you do not wish to take part don’t worry, there’s no need to do anything, we will automatically re-close all Welcome Back Week accounts at the end of the promotion.

Recent LOTRO Game Updates & Enhancements:
An awful lot of great new content has been added since launch including huge new zones, new classes, hobbies, player housing, new raids, the bartering and reputation system, Critter Play, Legendary play and much, much more! To read the full list of all the additions and improvements, please visit our Patch Overview page.

Save Middle-earth and Win!
During the LOTRO welcome back week, many monsters throughout Middle-earth will drop rare items when defeated. Exchange these rare items for a special gift box that will reward you with a variety of in-game items to aid you in your adventures in Middle-earth.

Keep an eye out for the following characters during this Welcome Back Week. Show off your musical skills to the Great Musician and you may be rewarded. Have a go at the Great Fishing Contest and of course the Fashion Maven will return to cast their discerning eye over your outfits.

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