LOTRO: The Leaves of Lórien out now!

Codemasters Online is proud to announce that the latest major free content update to The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria is now live and ready to play!

Free to subscribers, Book 7: The Leaves of Lórien is a huge new update with a whole host of new features. These include the continuation of the Epic storyline, a new 12-man raid and the enhanced new player experience.

The Spring Festival Returns!

Starting 3rd April and ending 17th April, the Spring Festival will be open for all to enjoy.

To take part in the various spring festivities which include new antics from the Tavern League, flower picking, dancing, fence running and other fun mini-quests, head to the Festival Grounds in the home lands.

Don’t forget to get lost in the new Hedge Maze in the Horsefields. There’s much fun to be had amongst the foliage there!

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