Lucent Heart Reveals 5 Halloween Events

Lucent Heart Reveals 5 Halloween Events



Gamania Digital Entertainment is going all out this Halloween season for its Zodiac inspired social MMORPG, Lucent Heart. Through November 1st, players can brave spine-tingling quests, get in the spirit with pumpkin themed Halloween Armor, and participate in a variety of contests.

Halloween Haunt Trailer

Five Spooky “Halloween Haunt” Events

Halloween Armor Quests: Take part in special Halloween quests to win the new pumpkin-themed armor.

Imp Invasion: Countless Imps are invading Acadia. Only a fearless warrior can scare them off.

Facebook Costume Contest: Lucent Heart’s first Halloween costume contest is offering the chance to be featured on the official facebook wall and compete for prizes.

Pumpkin Carvin’:
The Dark Goddess Cadena is holding a contest looking for the best (evil) pumpkin carver around.

Vanessa’s Paper Child: Impress Lucent Heart’s community star, Vanessa, with a spooky paper cutout.


Also be ready later this week when JamesBl0nde goes inside Lucent Heart to check out the newest dance moves and latest content updates.

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