Mabinogi Announces Dragon Update

Nexon America has released a video showing off a new feature coming its fantasy MMOG Mabinogi shortly with the release of the Dragon update. With the Dragon update, Mabinigi will be adding flying brooms. These brooms will provide a very fast mode of transportation, on the air and on the ground. They also will help find treasure by sweeping the ground to uncover valuables and will also support players in battle.
“Almost all adventurers know about the recent dangerous happenings in the northern parts of the world, but the ominous stirrings beneath Zardine have caused other curiosities throughout Erinn. Most notably, brooms…have come to life! Antiquated star brooms, more commonly used as ornaments than housekeeping tools, are standing upright and skittering earnestly across the ground.
Anyone able to tame one of these brooms will find they’ve acquired a loyal companion, eager to do the bidding of its newly-made friend. Not only do star brooms use their unique “sweep” function to dust the ground for lost treasure, they can also fly! That’s why they’ve been nicknamed “Flying Stars.”
Flying Stars makes excellent pets because they move quickly over both land and sky. In the air, Flying Stars move faster than Pelicans but slightly slower than Eagles. Unlike their winged counterparts, however, Flying Stars move quickly on land, too! They’re as fast as Shire horses, and just a bit slower than Thoroughbreds.
Flying Stars make excellent traveling companions, thanks to their shining versatility and unique abilities. You just might want to get better acquainted with the broom sitting forgotten in your closet…it could end up carrying you through the skies of Iria!”

Mabinogi Dragon Update

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