Mabinogi Expands Into a New City!

Mabinogi Expands Into a New City!


The fantasy life of Nexon America’s massively multiplayer online role playing game Mabinogi expands into a new city and offers players jousting events, wine making competitions, fashion contests, an Auction House and more with its latest update, Goddess of Light. This major content update delivers a great opportunity for new players to enjoy the amazing content and features already being devoured by more than one million registered players in Mabinogi.


Mabinogi - Rise of the Goddess Action Shot


Mabinogi’s grand story continues and players find themselves locked in a fateful struggle with the evil and dangerous Formors over the Heart of Courcle, a powerful artifact from ancient times. Players must rise to the challenge to protect this ancient power source. To help players progress through the story of Goddess of Light, a new transformation ability, Awakening of Light, will offer access to exciting new skills. Players will also have the chance to learn new Alchemy skills, including Frozen Blast, Rain Casting and Metal Conversion. There will also be a chance to learn the new magic-physical hybrid skill entitled, Blaze.

Players looking to explore the vast lands of Mabinogi will enjoy the addition of Tara, the capital city of the Aliech Kingdom and site to many wonders. It is in Tara where players can participate in the Tara Fashion Contest, which requires players to manage the difficult combinations of runway modeling to win.

Jousting is a popular pastime in the capital city and players can now take part in the game of skill, luck and wit. Players looking for a more creative output in Tara will surely gravitate to the new Wine Play mini-game, which offers players the chance to make wine and compete with others to make the best wine of all. The best-made batches will be sold all throughout Uladh.

And those looking for a new shopping experience will enjoy the Auction House in Tara. Players will bid against each other for rare items and goods. Players not in the mood to auction, may prefer to commission Hans, The Street Artist to draw their in-game characters. Players can request an option of up to three different drawings which can be displayed in a player’s house, at his or her personal shop or on personal clothing.


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