Mabinogi: New Content

Nexon America has announced the release of a new content update for Mabinogi, its massively multiplayer online role playing game, adding number of never-before-seen features to the game including flying mounts, a new jungle zone and a set of new skills.
The update, titled “The Ancient Secrets of Irinid,” includes a flying mount for the first time in the history of Mabinogi. The first mount, available through July 23, is the beautiful Thunderbird. There will be other flying mounts offered to players in the coming weeks. The Thunderbird and other flying mounts will offer a great new way to travel throughout the game’s two continents and assist players during ground battles.
The flying mounts deliver great assistance navigating the game’s new zone, Courcle. This new land is filled with wild, untamed areas – including lush jungles, boggy swamps, grassy savannahs, and roaring rivers. Travelers must look out for a variety of deadly enemies, monsters, and animals – including elephants, and hyenas. Two new boss monsters, an enormous giant alligator and regal lion occupy Courcle and require supreme efforts to defeat.
“The Ancient Secrets of Irinid expansion literally offers Mabinogi players a new way to experience the game with the flying mounts,” said Min Kim, Nexon America’s vice president of marketing. “Flying mounts and the new land mass add many more opportunities for adventure and fun in Mabinogi. Players have new offensive and defensive skills which they’ll need in order to defeat the boss monsters and beasts in the new zone. In addition, the new metallurgy and refining skills illustrate the depth of gameplay provided by Mabinogi.”
The Ancient Secrets of Irinid offers additional features for new and old players. Players will discover the value in honing a new metallurgy skill in Courcle. A new river rafting feature puts up to eight people on a raft, for what could be a peaceful journey or may require fighting enemies off while traveling through Courcle. Mabinogi has also added two skills to help adventurers under attack with the “charge” skill, which allows players to rush an opponent, and the “magic shield” skill, which allows players to protect themselves and their party from assaults with attack-specific protective bubbles.

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