MabinogiÂ’s new content: Taillteann Town

Mabinogi’s new content: Taillteann Town

Mabinogi’s new content update will feature Taillteann Town, a new zone being introduced along with the new Alchemy skill set.  At the center of Taillteann, players will be able to socialize and set up personal shops to sell in-game items.  

In Taillteann, players can also access Taillteann headquarters, where they can acquire Shadow Missions and start new adventures.  For Elves and Giants, their headquarter camps are located at opposite ends of the town.

While visiting Taillteann, players looking to improve their Alchemy skills can spend some time at the Alchemist’s House where they can practice and learn alchemy.  Marked by the old lady, Dorren, and the Alchemy ovens outside, this house is hard to miss.

Northwest of the town, Stonehenge can be found.  These massive stone formations mark the entrance to the Shadow Realm, where all Shadow Missions start.  For those seeking to begin their adventures in the Shadow Realm, they should travel here only after acquiring their missions at the headquarters.

Another completely new system being added is the farming system.  At the southern part of the town, players can visit the farm manager and rent out a farm, where they can grow their very own crops.  At the end of each week, they can harvest the crops and reap the rewards of their hard work.



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