Magic World Online 1 year Anniversary Celebration

Magic World Online, the first concept MMORPG with legal bot, will be celebrating the one year anniversary from May 12th for a whole month. Numerous events will be held to mark it, and both new players and old players are invited to join the grand Carnival.
At the time of the 1 year anniversary, players can get special items named “For Magic World online 1st anniversary celebration” from the drop of monsters. Then they can go to MWO Ambassador (Sun City: 175,177; Sky city: 198,159) to exchange for special gifts. You must not miss this chance because you may acquire the super rare Gold Equipment.
Another event is Auction Hunter, in which countless items which are better than ever will be put in Auction House, waiting for players’ bid! First come, first get! Besides, Hide and Seek, Prison Break which are popular in players will be held on irregular basis.
In addition, we will put on higher drop rate and better chance of Blessed Crystal (super) in terms of Growing Weapon composition.
Please join us for a month of celebration starting from May 12th and run until June 15th!
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