Magic World Online 3rd Expansion Package

Wonderful Gifts to Celebrate! The 3rd Expansion Package of Magic World Online will be released on Oct.17

You can’t be more happy in this new experience! We are celebrating the remarkable release of the MWO 3rd Expansion Package! From this moment on, it becomes an eternal activity for the pretty MWO Ambassador to give away wonderful daily prize packages to players at Lv50 and above! What’s more, players ranging in level from 45 to 49 will also be able to claim their daily prize packages at the pretty ambassador!

Containing danger so grave and treasure so exciting, the long-expected territories of Bog and Ice Mountain will soon be accessible! Heaven or Hell?!

Never to be denied, your daring expeditions into the hellish Ice Mountain and the unearthly Bog are never to be equaled!

Full of perilous dangers hiding right behind her white pure snow and her blue placid water, Ice Mountain is resounding with devouring hostility unleashed from gigantic howls of unimaginable creatures! This lost Gods headquarters needs complete rescue from human heroes!

To arrive there, human pioneers have to hike miles from Crime Abysm to Benthal I (N) and across the depths of Benthal II (N). Onto the frozen ground of Ice Mountain, discernible old footsteps of giant monsters are scattered around, with enharmonically stacked-up icy hexagons as their stunning ferocious teeth!

What to expect in the unknown white Ice World? A firm vigorous embrace of some Abominable Snowman or a light soft kiss of your Snow White?

The unique death horror of the unpredictable Bog will rock Magic Land for all!

To arrive there, human pioneers have to hike miles from Crime Abysm to Benthal I (S) and across the depths of Benthal II (S). Mind your step! Approaching will be the well-known bog tragedy of getting lost, entrapped, cornered and finally victimized…

Into the Bog, the highly deceptive fog-envelopes the territory, you don’t know how or why you could easily lose track of your teammates and yourself. Occupants of this uncharted territory are powerful unidentified creatures. Their deeply instincts are to victimize others by their tricky use over the bog’s floating habitat.

To survive and level your hero, to discover hidden treasure in bog, you need an accurate judgment as well as Mnemonic Symbol to prevent getting lost. Once you are entrapped, hidden terrors approach from all directions. At that time, the only help you can expect is that fortune brings you a fortunate opposing camp guy to end your torture as soon as possible!

Extreme circumstances, exciting expeditions, mysterious monsters, extraordinary with surprising daily gifts… experience so inexhaustible and unforgettable, this is all in the grand opening for the 3rd expansion package of Magic World Online!

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