Magic World Online

With several months of adventures in Magic World Online, players have been able to understand, and master the game’s innovative systems (the cozy video chat, the convenient botting system, and the vigorous growing weapon, etc.). Once again on August 15, a unique function so named as the Trivial System will open for Magic World adventurers!

I just won 1 Million in the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire last week; could that help me in “Magic World Online”? I am an educated Yale graduated with a PHD, and a master’s degree from Cambridge, but how is that going to help me? No need to worry or fret, because the magic power of knowledge is also MWO’s values!

In a couple of days, the Magic World Online Boy Genius will appear in Uptown to challenge you to his Trivia Test. If you can manage to burst his bubble by answering his questions in the shortest possible time, you will gain a considerable amount of experience points. It’s a prize for leveling up. (Prize size will be tailored to character level.)

The road to level 60 was fraught with bloody battles and grind! Now the road to level 60 can be made in a non-bloody way! Knowledge comes from experience and will finally serves for experience! Wefll see if you can own or even pone the Boy Genius?!

Additionally, high level players will see the opening of their long-anticipated new maps!
a) Dark Fortress: Deep in the remote untouched Magocean, there lies a lost fortress, where the howls and moans of unknown monsters conquer. Since the day it fell into the control of the dark power, the fortress land had been completely isolated and untouched. The only way to check out what’s behind the horrible howling is to make an unprecedented daring expedition into this devastating area!

b) Benthal Vestige: In the innermost of the sleepy Magocean abyss, there lies a beautiful Benthal Vestige, a happiness club for the noble Devils. But good heavens such a holy wonderland will finally get ruined by those sin makers some day! And we Magic World heroes shall never allow this!

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