Magic World Online Celebrates Christmas


Magic World Online Celebrates Christmas
Christmas is drawing near. It is the holiday for people to receive gifts and embrace the future. How would MWO miss the opportunity to send out the surprise for the players? So MWO is goanna share the happiness of the holiday with all the MWO players in the game!

MWO will open two new awesome maps named Execrative Sanctuary and Wailing Stronghold around Christmas. Players can get valuable and groovy Deva items and lvl 80 Skill Books from killing the bosses there.

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Besides, another event called Naughty Christmas Pig sending you the Christmas Present will be hold from 2009-12-17 to 2010-1-7. Those little pigs possess Santa Claus Blessing and his stockings which contain many shiny and tempting materials that players can get by killing the Naughty Christmas Pigs.
Naughty Christmas Pigs
What’s more, MWO will open Double EXP from 2009-12-24 to 2009-12-27 and from 2010-1-1 to 2010-1-3. It will be a great thruster for junior players to level up and senior players to go for the top level in game!
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