Magic World Online – Closed Beta Starts on March 9

Have you ever thought about communicating with your in-game teammates face to face? Want to own a multifunctional house that’ll meet your ever changing needs? Getting fed up with the tiring and unnecessary mouse clicking in MMORPG? Spending hundreds of minutes to walk in a map and hoping something like the GPS auto navigation system could be your savior? Now a new concept MMORPG, Magic World Online (MWO), will provide all these exciting features and a hassle-free gaming environment, so what’s the harm to try it out?

After internal debugging, the closed beta client will open for download. The publisher, Ingle Games, will send out closed beta accounts from March 5 and start the CB server on 19:00 (PST) March 9! Are you ready to try it out?

During the first phase of closed beta testing, Ingle Games plan to only recruit 300 gamers,based on the “first come, first serve” principle. If you haven’t received an invitation yet, maybe the information below could help you.

You have two alternatives to sign up for a CB account:

1. Sign up in the forum and leave your username.
2. Visit GM Jane’s Myspace, add her as friend or PM her.

For more information, please visit the official website of MWO at, or the official forum at

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