Magic World Online: Prison Break – A Special Event for April FoolsÂ’ Day

Rumor has it that the Top 8 Fiends in Magic World broke out of the prison collectively yesterday. They were put away for such a long time that they swore that if could come out someday, they would destroy the world. With their escape, the darkest day in the history of Magic World is coming! The Top 8 Fiends will challenge players both in Dynasty and Empire Arena. Besides, there is chance that they will appear in other maps randomly. Who will protect their country from fiends’ assault? Who will be the hero? My brave men, take up your weapon and drive the fiends out of your country!

As it is a special day, the fiends might play a trick on you. There will be some fiends who have the same names and appearance as the true ones. But their attributes are much lower.

The event will hold in Dynasty & Empire Arena, and we prepare two rounds for both American players and European players. The 1st Round is on 20:00 PDT Mar. 31. The 2nd Round is on 2:00 am PDT Apr. 1, 2009. Besides, the fiends will also appear on other maps randomly from 20:00 PDT Mar. 31 to 2:00 PDT Apr. 1. By the way, the fiends in each round will spawn only once. You need to find the true fiend to get the loot, because the fake one won’t drop anything. Good Luck!

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