Major Update “Dawn of Retribution” to Dungeon Fighter Online


Major Update “Dawn of Retribution” to Dungeon Fighter Online
Dungeon Fighter Online offers up big changes—that promise even bigger victories for all our Dungeon Fighters—with its Dawn of Retribution update, which launched today.
This new update to the game’s open beta features three major game play changes, as well as Christmas events to celebrate the holiday season.
Changes in the Update
Players may now enjoy faster leveling, easier dungeons and an improved, revamped tutorial as part of this update. A newly implemented experience curve allows players to make more rapid progress through the game, opening up more quests, more dungeons and more skills even sooner than before. The difficulty level has been brought down for some of the creatures in the lower leveled dungeons so as to aid beginning Dungeon Fighters. An added benefit to players just starting out in the Land of Arad are enhanced lessons from Seria and Linus, two important NPCs (non-playing characters) who all Dungeon Fighters meet at the beginning of their adventures in the game.
Seria and Linus in Dungeon Fighter
Seasonal Treats
On top of these improvements, players can take part in the holiday spirit with the Holly Jolly DFO Christmas Celebration. From Dec. 16 to January 5, players will be singing, “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow.” Every day for one randomly selected hour, a nice, crisp layer of soft powder will fall on the land. When it does, players will receive a 20 percent EXP bonus when clearing dungeons. Seria has decorated her sanctuary for Christmas, spreading holiday cheer to the dungeon fighters that visit her. 
After visiting Seria, players venture into the dungeons hunting for the Christmas goblins who robbed the respected citizens of Arad of their Christmas knickknacks. One particular goblin, Snowblin, also drops the special Snowball item. This throwing item delivers water damage and could freeze an opponent…or fellow partymates, if it isn’t used with precision.
Combat in Dungeon Fighter Online
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