Manufacturing System in Wonderland Online

Wonderland Online’s ( manufacturing system adds more convenience for its players. Its unparalleled “Tent system” lets players to make Spacecraft, Cabriolet even UFOs by themselves. Players can visit the Astrologian in Kelan Village to get tents, and then prepare all the necessary materials. After that, players can start to make useful appliances. To make high level appliances, players must start by making basic tools. Click the Work Platform to find four tools that must be made first. They are the Coconut Basin, Wooden Saw, Stone Knife and Cokernut. By making use of them, players can make the following high level tools, such as the Low-Temperature Kiln, Kitchen Range and many other items. Players will find that the more they make, the more varied the items will be.
While players are making items, they must click the Work Platform to select an item they want to make from the popup list. The list will tell players what materials they need to make this item. Fishing, collecting and killing monsters will help players to get the needed materials.

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