Maple Story Europe: 2nd Anniversary!

NEXON Europe, the European publishing arm of world’s leading online game company NEXON Group, celebrates the 2nd anniversary of its free-to-play, online RPG MapleStory Europe with a huge update of new events and content.
This legendary hit-MMORPG with more than 92 million worldwide users offers a completely different gaming experience with its eye-catching graphics, distinctive community features and rich game-play contents. Launched in May 2007, the European version quickly joined the global popularity with more than 1 million registered players, the count yet increasing steadily.
“The last two years of service were exceptionally surprising and appreciative at once,” says Sung Jin Kim, Manager at NEXON Europe. “We are deeply grateful to our loyal and ever-supportive fans, and dedicate our evolving success to them. In return, we have an extensive list of new, vibrant contents lined up for this year alone, today’s patch being one of them. Our players can definitely look forward to enjoying even more fun throughout the coming summer and beyond.”
The festive agenda for the 2nd anniversary celebration includes:
2nd Anniversary Event Quest: “Raising Sprouts”
This special 3-week event quest hands out special flowerpots with a tiny sprout. The mission is to raise the sprout well which will be rewarded with various items.
Special appearance of “Cake Boss Monster”
“Cake Boss Monster” is making a special, random visit during the 3-week festive period, and is only to be seen once every hour.
Maple-Hat Quest
A special event-quest for players to earn and upgrade the exclusive “Maple Hat” item.
GM Event
The GMs will run special events and summon monsters during peak play-hours (6pm-7pm) on June 4th, 2009.
Double Event
EXP and item-drop ratio will be doubled during the festive weeks on specific days for a set period of time.
Item Upgrades
Maple Hat and Maple Weapons obtained through monsters can be upgraded using Maple Leaves.
Temporary special events being only a part of today’s update, MapleStory Europe also features a striking new content, the anticipated “Monster Carnival”. Players are invited to team up and to participate in a whole new idea of competition party-quest, where they can summon monsters to attack the opposing team and use various skills to either help themselves or to harm their opponents. During the battle, each team will gain Carnival Points (CP) which can be turned into various attacking or healing skills – but they’ll have to be used wisely and well proportioned, as the team with more CP at the end will win the battle and be rewarded respectively.
Furthermore, Maple Coins can be collected during the battle which can be turned into various luring items for everyone.
Additionally, a special “Welcome Back Event” welcomes former players who haven’t logged into the game since March 1, 2009, with exclusive gifts and benefits for the home comers and their friends to help with a quick catch up from their break.
Further updates include new cash items such as the mystic “Dragon” pet, new hairstyles and special pigmy items.
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