Maple Story Weekly Events

Cash back event
From Nov. 16-22, , and then from Nov. 23-29, players can earn 10 percent of what they spend if it’s between 10,000 NX and 15,999 NX. Fifteen percent can be earned back if 16,000 NX to 100,000 NX is spent. All the refunds will be made during the Dec. 2  sever maintenance.
Double EXP weekends
Every weekend, through Nov. 22, players will be able receive double EXP from 4 p.m.  to 6 p.m..
Permanent pets
For a limited time, players will have the chance to purchase select permanent pets from the shop. The pets that will be available for permanent purchase are Kino, White Tiger and Mini Yeti.
First job event
For people just starting out on their first job in the world of MapleStory, they can now enjoy some new content, including a new start-up class, has been added to help them better enjoy their early experience. The new five classes that can be chosen from are the Thief, Pirate, Magician, Bowman, and Warrior. Each class will have their own quests, as well as their own boss. One aspect that all the classes will have in common is the last boss, Astaroth, which players will have to face at the end of their quests. 
Thanksgiving in MapleStory
In spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, the Maple world will be invaded by turkeys, items, and events. Players will have to fend off any turkeys and turkey commandos that get in their way while roaming through MapleStory, obtaining some nice items along the way. If a turkey commando happens to drop its eye after being defeated, players can then take it to Professor Foxwit and get mesos in return. A turkey egg hunt will also be available for enjoyment, as well as an artifact hunt.
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