March 12th: the brand new Fencer class arrives in Eversun with a batch of other big updates

Brand new content is coming in the next update on March 12th ! Decorative stuff, deep ingame content added, all new, all for you!!

It’s Fashion Week in Eversun !!

  • You can customize your character with a new very nice traditional costume in the item mall (dress for girls, jacket for boys), change your look!
  • New inventory bags: these bags allow you to use 5 new slots. 10 new slots are the maximum you can get. We propose these bags in the item shop by one or pack of two.
  • Fireworks to party or create a rally point.

Aside from these new items, the in-game big changes are:

  • Fencer new class and its dedicated job quest : try out this marvellous fighting class !
  • Main Quest 5th chapter: follow your path….

And surprises are not finished… Enjoy also the special item dedicated to Ireland lovers that we have created to celebrate St. Patrick’s day!!!

The new contents will be added to DOMO on next March 12th during the weekly server patching.

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