Marvel MMO to be published in 2012

Looking forward to play the newly announced Marvel MMO? The you’ll have to wait until 2012 at least. During an interview Marvel’s President of Global Consumer Products Simon Philips stated that the game is in early stages and it’s a built-from-scratch project that has no connections to the Microsoft-backed Xbox 360 Marvel MMO that was canceled last year. Moreover, he revealed that the game will be available after the release of “Captain America” movie (in 2011) and “Avengers” movie (in 2012).
Talking about gameplay: “We’re looking at lots of different scenarios,” Philips said. “But at this moment in time we haven’t identified exactly what the end game is going to be. We’re still working on the different variations that are potentially possible.”
Last but not least, Marvel will launch a simpler browser based MMO for smaller kids in 2010.


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