Marvel Universe Details Revealed!

Marvel Universe Details Revealed!


Last week Gazillion held an event in San Francisco to introduce a famous comic writer, Brian Bendis, as being an integral part of the story telling and game design for Marvel Universe. However, this was only the tip of the iceberg revealed.


What we know now is that Marvel Universe will be a free-to-play superhero action game and was always intended to be that way. Thus the cash shop will be well thought out and not just included last minute. The game is also being developed by a sub-division of Gazillion, Secret Identity, which was established specifically for the production of this game.


Marvel Universe Preview


The playable heroes will all be recognizable figures from the Marvel Universe rather than custom made characters as seen in most other superhero MMORPGs. We have also been reassured that you will not be stuck playing the role of a single superhero but may be able to switch between them ala League of Legends champions. The game will feature Doctor Doom as the primary villian in the initial launch arch.


Comic book geeks around the world can rejoice that this game’s storyline will take place within the canon Marvel Universe, not a side dimension; storyline will follow actual scripts straight from popular comic books currently published! You can rest easy knowing that said scripts won’t be sensored down either as Gazillion is developing Marve Universe with an adult audience as the target audience.


We will bring you more information as this exciting game moves further along in the development cycle!

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