Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Roster Leak?


Alright, a few other places have talked about this supposed Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Roster leak, people whom I hold a great deal of respect for, such as Maximilian. So here are my two cents. I went to to grab the list when I heard about it, and browsed the comments, because I really wanted to see if someone could possibly be excited about the rumored leak. What did I see? What was the first fucking comment to leap out at me? “What a bunch of Marvel shills, holding on to that Marvel fame”.  Are you goddamn serious? Marvel is literally in the title! It’s been in the title since the very first game. It’s how it all went down! The next sad part is “cash grab”. Do you people not understand that making a game is about making money? Sure, there’s all the stuff about art, and creating something people love, but they have to get paid. Let’s look at the Marvel half of the list though:

  • Ant-Man
  • Captain America
  • Captain Marvel
  • Doctor Strange
  • Gamora
  • Hawkeye
  • Hulk
  • Iron Man
  • Nova
  • Rocket/Groot
  • Spider-Man
  • Thanos
  • Thor
  • Ultron

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Look carefully at the list. Almost single one of them are in an MCU film. Is that a “cash grab”?  It’s smart business. People are going to see them, see the films, and get hyped. I’m willing to bet more people watch the films than actually read the comics these days [which makes me sad, but that’s another story for another day]. Which of these has not been in a film yet? Captain Marvel, Nova, and … yeah, that’s it. Thanos technically has. The Nova Corp were featured, but Richard Rider himself has not. It’s just smart business, it makes sense. Now, are there people I’d rather see? Of course. I still want a Phoenix Force Cyclops in a game, but with all the silliness with Fox owning the rights to the X-Men films, I don’t see us having any Mutants in a game anytime soon. Which, again … is kind of depressing. Sure, you could see it as “pandering to the MCU fans”, if you’re a sad, depressing, awful person. Instead, why not be happy that Marvel’s coming back at all? Every character on that list is a big star in their own right, except maybe Ant-Man. He’s the only one I don’t care even a little about. Now, let’s look at the Capcom list:

  • Arthur
  • Chris
  • Chun-Li
  • Dante
  • Firebrand
  • Jedah
  • Monster Hunter
  • Morrigan
  • Nemesis
  • Ryu
  • Spencer
  • Strider Hiryu
  • X
  • [?]

My first thought, upon seeing this list, the first name that stood out was Jedah. Jedah is from Darkstalkers, and anytime MVC comes up, we hear “When’s Darkstalkers?!?” and perhaps they’re going to gauge his success in game and go from there if he even makes it to the game. And yeah, there are Capcom characters I really want to see. The first list had Nina from Breath of Fire in it, but not on this one. So that makes me wonder again. I feel like the Capcom list is a bit stale compared to the Marvel list. Sigma is here, though! X is in the game for the first time, which is fantastic, but maybe instead of bringing Zero back, how about Vile? Now that’d be a fun, bulky character to bring in in place of Sentinel/Juggernaut. Ryu  and Chun-Li, of course they made the cut. You want your top draws in the game of course. I was really … honestly, sincerely, truly hoping that Dante wouldn’t be back, but that was a fool’s thought. I’m just not wild about him. There are so many people that could show up, or could have come back. On the fence about Wesker not being on this list, but he had his moment in the sun. At the end of the day, you can never fucking make the FGC happy. They’re going to complain about shilling, or easy characters, or stuff that’s too hard, or their favorite character not being in, pandering, whatever they want to whine about. Instead, let’s just get hyped for Ultron and Sigma! Let’s get hyped for X! The return of Thanos! Arthur the Demon-slayer! Come on guys! There are too many things to be happy about to get butthurt over “MCU Pandering”.

How are you guys feeling about it? Happy? Indifferent? Who do you want in the game? Personally, I want to see The Gladiator, Yondu, or Adam Warlock. But, I want weird things.

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