Master the Transformable Armor; Master the Battle!

As in the siege war, thousands of people fighting together, a good-performing armor becomes very important. The normal tactics will cause too many casualties in one time that shall make a war of less fun and less confrontaition, to add more fun and more tactics in the siege war of AoA, We introduced Transform system for the armor, the transform system can enable the armor transform into different kinds of fighting status. From cars to air fighter, even dinosaur or space ship, each transform status provides the armor with different fighting skills.

For the car status, the armor will speed up, and gain special skills to reduce enemy locking rate as well as their weapon’s power, which insure the armor can survive the war. Still the high speed cars are like the knight of the medieval century. With a fast horse and sharp spears, they charge into the enemies’ battlefield, cut through enemy’s armor, and carry off enemy’s life.
For the air fighters, with high speed and precision-guided weapons, and being unlimited by the terrain, they can do the exact strike at enemy’s important commanders. This kind of missions can always turn over the war situation. However, the air fighter status is armorless, so they might be knocked down by the AA guns. For this reason, an Ace is required to execute this decapitation strike.

In the front line of the battlefield, armors can also transform into kinds of robotized animals, for example hound, dinosaurs and some other animals. For those fighting status, the armor is enforced with heavy armor which enables the armor endure more damage and keep alive in the battlefield. Besides the heavy armor, the transformed armor also gains more specified melee skill, which can cause more damage to the enemies, some special skill may destroy the enemy in one round.

There are also some special transform modules which enable the armor transform into some special status, such as stronghold, or a medic center, provide the soldiers with armory and medic care.
Both sides have the same transforming system, however, to win a battle, or win the war, it requires some outstanding commanders and many good drivers of the armors. The one who masters the transform armor, masters the war.

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