Masters of Belial: Major Update

Masters of Belial is a Team PvP Action RPG game similar to Warcraft 3 “AoS” maps “Dota Allstars”, “Age of Myths” and “Hosk”. Players select a hero of their desire and slowly build up in power in their quest for power and domination. Each map is carefully designed to offer a mixture of strategic PvP combat along with good old dungeon crawling.
– New Ladder system ranking players from all over the world based on team and personal achievements.
– Official Dedicated Server Hosting.
– 3 New Maps
– Bot AI
– Revamped spell, item and attribute system.
– New gameplay mechanics such as wells, shrines, last hit and rested bonuses.
– New EasyUse matchmaking interface.
– Improved Engine scalability to support older hardware and take advantage of new ones.(Playable framerate of 20+ on INTEL GPU Laptops and 30+ on 3 year old NVIDIA/ATI Laptops)
– Soft Shadows & Soft Lighting highlights
– Widescreen Support with resolutions up to 1920×1600.
“The first version was made to see, this version was made to please.” said Argi Baltzi founder of Brain Seal. 
Masters of Belial 1.1 continues to be a free to download and play with certain account restrictions. Players can upgrade once their accounts to have access to all content including
the new ladder system, all 12 heroes and 3 maps for the price of 12.99EUR (Roughly 16.99$).
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