May 7th update: a new mission and items!

A new challenge is waiting for you in the frenzy fighting world of Infinity.

On May 7th, we’ll introduce a new mission: Targen’s Porta Tournament.
You will be able to bet Luna coins on fighting NPC monsters. In each room a maximum of 8 players will be able to bet choosing among 3 different amount of Luna.
Be smart and bet well on the most promising mob to win other players Luna !

On the same patch, new items will be added to the Item shop:

  • Nickname ticket allows you to change your nickname
  • Rune Stone initializer can reset a Runestone slot. This is a very useful item if you want to to remove Runestones from your sockets.

These new content will be patched to Infinity on May 7th.
Discover the action, play Infinity Online!

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