Microvolts Opens the Rumpus Room

Microvolts Opens the Rumpus Room



Rock Hippo Productions Ltd. announced today the launch of its latest update “Rumpus Room Ruckus” for the popular cartoon-style third-person shooter, MicroVolts.  The toys are getting rowdy in the new map, Rumpus Room, as they dodge bullets amidst blocks and toy trucks proving this map is not for child’s play! Check out the trailer here!



This mid-month update is also bringing all the old Capsule favorites back!  Players can take their spin on the Capsule Machine for a chance at winning classic Capsule weapons like a “Sea Wasp” Sniper Rifle or “Dazzler” Shotgun.  Other past favorites up for grabs are the “Pink Kanzashi” outfit for Naomi and Pandora’s “Elegant Dress”!



MicroVolts also wants to remind players that the Maypole challenge is still going strong.  It’s not too late to join in and help other MicroVolters complete Maypole challenges like racking up 45 million total kills and playing 1.68 million Elimination matches to unlock a Triple MP and EXP weekend and a never-before-seen Hippo-So-Cool Costume Set for the entire MicroVolts community!



Additionally, players can participate in the MicroVolts Montage Mania event to submit a video montage of their best, or worst, MicroVolts moments.  Winning players will win up to 15,000 RT and have their video montage featured in the MicroVolts’ official YouTube page!

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