Mighty No. Not

I can’t call it “Mighty No. 9” because it’s probably the biggest failure that Kickstarter has ever seen. Now, let me come out by saying I love Keiji Inafune. The Megaman franchise is one of my absolute favorites of all time. Robots? Explosions? Cool powers and weapons? A robot dog? So when I heard he was making his own game, in Mighty No. 9, I was hyped! Overwhelmed with hype!  But what did we get?

Mighty No 9 Gameplay Trailer

THIS.  What the hell is this? This is not the quality of art we were promised! None of this is the shit we were fucking promised! Myself and Colton were discussing this this morning. One of his biggest complaints were the stages/music. “Uninspired and Soulless” – Colton, 2016.  Several WiiU users have complained that the code they used bricked their system. HOW DOES A GAME CODE BRICK A FUCKING CONSOLE? Is that even a thing that happens? I guess so! People got sent codes for the wrong consoles, or sometimes just the DLC and not the goddamn game. Let that sink in.


The voice acting is a disgraceful affair, the stage graphics look childish and disappointing. Not at all what I imagine anyone was hoping for. I don’t know what we got, but it sure as fuck wasn’t a game worth playing. Worth owning. I’ve played some pretty disappointing games before, but I went in knowing they were going to be awful. I don’t pick up a title from a person who basically shaped much of my childhood and expect to have them dump vomit onto me. Because that’s what happened. That’s what fucking happened. Even the developer, Takuya Aizu has gone on record saying that the trailer was “Unforgivable” and blames Deep Silver for basically destroying the game. Bottom Line: What the hell is this? This isn’t what thousands of gamers paid for.

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