Mini Fighter Closed Beta Launched

CJ Internet, the leading global entertainment company, today announced the launch of the Mini Fighter closed beta test and released a new gameplay trailer showcasing in-game battles. In the short week leading up to the launch of the beta, thousands of players pre-registered for beta keys and downloaded the Mini Fighter client. Eager players will now have the opportunity to explore various battle zones – including tag match, free battle and gem catch – and battle opponents in 14 different modes, as well as participate in a variety of community events throughout the closed beta phase.

“Players will have a lot to experience in the first beta test of Mini Fighter,” said Youngjong Jung, President and CEO of CJ Internet. “We’ve been hard at work developing these rich new zones and inaugural events in the game, and it’s exciting to see players enter into the game for the first time and truly engage with the world and its inhabitants.”

During the closed beta phase, players can explore the following new areas in Mini Fighter: battle room, coliseum and single play mode. In addition, players have several play modes to choose from including Survival and Tag Team, and can engage in Village Grapple and Siege Warfare battles with over 200 players at a time.

Additionally, CJ Internet will host two special events during the closed beta. In the first event, called “Achieve Level 25,” players who reach level 25 will receive a colorful character name upgrade that carries over to the full version of the game. In the second event, called “Phoenix Pet Griffith,” players who collect 20 gold carp and visit the Jiang Taigong NPC can exchange the carp for a special addition pet.


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