Mir 2: Closed Beta started

Gamepot USA, Inc. a free to play online game publisher, announces it will start closed beta test of a new online game, “Mir 2” from 17:00 PST time, April 15. Mir 2 was a first generation MMORPG title, which was developed. This game provides various choices to players such as, friendly collaboration with allies, competition among players, and a trading system which will allow users to further their gaming options. Not only will there be the usual battles with monsters, this game require players to fight and communicate together in order to succeed. These features have already drawn over 200 Million users from all over the world. Mir2 closed beta test is available not only in North America, as well as the rest of the English speaking territories. So now, people can play together anywhere at any time through one game in common language: English.

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