Mir 2 Closed Beta Test Registration Begins!

Gamepot USA, Inc. announces it will begin operation of a new online game, "Mir 2". Mir 2 is a game created by a Korean developer, "WeMade Entertainment". For the US release, Gamepot
USA has revised the title and will provide players with exciting new content.

Mir 2 was a first generation MMORPG title, which was developed in 2001. This title was a huge success and led to an online gaming boom in South Korea and China. This game provides various choices to players such as, friendly collaboration with allies, competition among players, and a trading system which will allow users to further their gaming options. Not only will there be the usual battles with monsters, this game require players to fight and communicate together in order to succeed. The game is very dynamic and attracts players with its story. These features have already drawn over 200 Millions users from all over the world.

Mir 2 was released in China as of 2001 and shares 65% of China’s online gaming market. In the past, this title has had a maximum record of 710,000 players logged in at the same time. In addition, approximately 200 million people in the world have played this title and 450,000 concurrent users play this game as of today in China.

Gamepot USA will service North America, as well as the rest of the English speaking territories with their know-how from its parent company, which is leading free to play online game space, and begin its closed beta. "Mir 2" appears in North American and English speaking countries by keeping the core attractiveness of "Mir 2" and adds new functionality to make the game even
more fun and exciting.

Gamepot USA will begin a registration campaign for Mir 2 as of April 3rd 2009.

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