Mir2: Big Update!

Gamepot USA, Inc., the U.S. publishing division of Japanese gaming behemoth Gamepot, Inc., is proud to announce the latest update to Mir2: The Legend Continues, “Crimson Dawn”, which brings a new class, “The Assassin”, to the world of Mir2.  In addition to the new class, 15 new maps are also available for players to test their skills.  Gamepot is also happy to announce the opening of the Premium Shop, holding attractive items for all players, available from May 14th. 
Owning their existence to the shadows, the Assassin Class, uses supreme agility, magic, and swift attacks to overwhelm foes.  Their abilities include enemy hallucination, concealment, shadow clones, and incredible athletic prowess to move in battle.  A true treat to play, players are invited to enter the world of Mir2 with this shadowy class to test their skills.
Assassins are expected to join their fellow classes in the 15 new maps. Built for the more advanced players of Mir2, these new dungeons will prove to be a challenge, with all new perils awaiting in the depths below. “This is another well-cooked update from our oven.” said Thomas Lee, Gamepot USA’s Senior Director of Business and Marketing. “Players will be sure to enjoy the latest offering in the ever-expanding world of Mir2”.
In addition to the robust content update, Mir2 debuts its premium shop, featuring a number of stylish and functional items available for all players, especially those eager to customize their gaming experience.
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