Mix Master News

Following the success of the Siege Affair, SeedC Pacific will further evolve MixMaster with several new features set to release by 11th September. The features will not only expand the game but will also make it convenient for the users to play the game.

Update 1: New Log In-System
MixMaster has implemented a stylish log in system interface, which also will have the convenience of added news and events section. User will be informed of new updates while they log into the game.
Update 2: New items
There will be in total, 31 new items implemented in the game, some paid items but mainly in game items. The most anticipated of all are the elegant avatar suits and dresses. By user request, they are set to last forever, opposed to other avatar items which all expire after sometime.
SeedC will also organise a Dance Party event with the release of this suit. Users are to form couples (strictly with opposite gender) and enter a dance party. With many rewards to be won, this is promised to be a great unique experience for users.
Update 3: GM (Game Master) Blog
SeedC Pacific GMs will create their own blogs to get closer to the users. The blogs will be focused to talk about everything BUT MixMaster. User can talk to GMs regarding the game in the website forums, and get to know them more by reading the blogs. This was also organised because of requests from users who wish to get to know the GMs. SeedC hope users will get to know the GMs better, as well as each other.
Update 4: Bpay Payment System
MixMall has become even more convenient by the addition of Bpay as a payment gateway. Bpay being the most reliable payment system in Australia, users’ safety is guaranteed by using Bpay.

With constant updates, MixMaster already looks like a different game to the one released 3months ago. SeedC Pacific is looking to have more major updates to the game on a frequent basis until the end of 2007.

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