MLB Dugout Heroes

GamesCampus has recently released a new stadium in its online licensed baseball game, MLB Dugout Heroes. 

MLB Yankee Stadium

The brand new Yankee Stadium is modeled on the real-life new Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, and just like the real-life stadium it incorporates design elements from the previous Yankee Stadium, paying homage to the great Yankees’ baseball history.

Now you can play in the most realistic Stadium available in baseball MMOs. There’s nothing like it, the great volume of audiences cheer you on.

The Great Stadium

Check out more screenshots of the Yankee Stadium in the MLB Dugout Heroes Screenshot Section!

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  • PSVITA@curacao

    rip no longer exist i only got to play this for 1 fucking week
    next thing got home exited to play poof its all gone stupid bastards that took down the game