MMO based on the World Of Darkness universe?

Rumors have been circulating that CCP, developer of the successful EVE Online MMORPG, is actually working on an MMO based on the World Of Darkness Universe. World of Darkness is a popular roleplaying game setting focusing on supernatural monsters and their interactions with the human world and its universe has already been used for the Vampire: The Masquerade games for PC, released a few years ago.

The rumors have originated from a document from CCP that seems to indicate that a massively multiplayer online game based on White Wolf’s World of Darkness universe could appear as soon as next year. The news is particularly interesting considering that White Wolf, owner of the World of Darkness brand, merged with CCP in 2006.
The document in question, anyway, was created in July 08, well before CCP announced its plans for the EVE expansion.

Here’s an exceprt from the document:

The setting for this game shares the same history, culture and geography as modern day Earth. On the surface, the inhabitants of this fictional world live as we do; yet here, the shadows are deeper, the nights are darker, and the fog is thicker. But most importantly, monsters exist. Beneath the thin film of civilization, Vampires thrive on the blood of humans, Werewolves prowl for carnage in the darkest forests, and Mages scheme to bend reality to their will.

In the World of Darkness, you are the monster, struggling to remember the memory of your humanity while you struggle against the evil that lurks within us all. CCP and White Wolf are now hard at work in pre-production on the World of Darkness the persistent world. Given the World of Darkness legacy, its large fan base, and proven appeal to both genders, we estimate the subscriber potential of this product to be two to three times that of EVE Online, without competing head on with CCP’s existing products thus enabling wider total appeal.

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