Monato Esprit Officially Launched

Reality Gap, Inc., the creators of MetaTIX, a turnkey billing system for online gamers and virtual worlds, today announced that its upcoming Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), Monato Esprit, will launch commercially on Thursday, July 16th. Monato Esprit allows users to play the game and level their characters for free, with the option of using MetaTIX for player trades, premium content and in-game purchases.
Monato Esprit is a fantasy role-playing game in which players assume the role of winged Archons whose mission is to rid the Dreamworld of an invasion by nightmares.  As a unique component of the game, players control the economy by having the exclusive right to sell items in the stores, commanding non-player characters (NPCs) to charge tolls, and performing alchemy to create custom magic items.
“We are excited to be able to present gamers with the official launch of Monato Esprit,” said Michael Williams, CEO of Reality Gap, Inc. “However, players should remember that this is a living, breathing product, and one that will continue to evolve over time. The Dreamworld you see today will not be the one you see in six months. Fans will find new ways to master spells and combat abilities, complete quests, form guilds, as well as participate in the new and robust player-driven economy with MetaTIX.”
MetaTIX is a “virtual currency” players can use to pay for things in place of using real money. Players can buy tix, win tix, trade for tix, or receive tix through sponsorships.
Williams continued, “What makes MetaTIX so unique is that other online games and websites can sign up to use MetaTIX through Reality Gap’s affiliate program, basically ensuring that as more players and online games use this business model, the more valuable MetaTIX will become in the virtual and online world.”

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