Monkey King Online: New Servers, Immortals, and More

Monkey King Online

Global game publisher Reality Squared Games (R2Games) proudly announced today that the first month of the Monkey King Online Open Beta has been one of rapid growth and enthusiasm. The first Open Beta server, Havoc in Heaven, is now joined by 8 more servers across the US West, US East, European, and Oceanic regions. As players from across the world discover this free-to-play browser MMORPG’s mythic setting, unique battle system, and PvP modes, Monkey King Online continues to evolve with new content, systems, and accessory updates.

Since the launch of the Open Beta, R2Games has released two powerful Primordial Immortals, The Earthshaker and The Watcher. Players that unlock these Immortals – through the PvP Pagoda honor shop in the case of The Earthshaker, and through the free Login Rewards screen in the case of The Watcher – will wield five unique combat skills. More Immortals are set for release in the coming months, ensuring that the PvP battlefield will never be the same.

The May 8th update introduced The Watcher, as well as a host of free content. Monkey King Online veterans can advance to level 85 with fresh quests and a brand new map, “Thunder Temple”. After 3 days of cumulative play time, players will gain the title “Buddha’s Blessing”, the first of what promises to be an extensive Title system. After 5 days, players can permanently unlock The Watcher Immortal. Upgradeable Wings, which provide stat bonuses and cosmetic value, become available after 6 days of play time. As MKO grows, R2Games will continue to release features for new users and experts alike, bringing an evolving experience to a global audience.

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